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Quality Trade

B2B Trading Platform

Next Generation B2B

Before Google made search easy, internet users used Alta Vista to find websites and before Trip Advisor travellers relied on advice from their travel agent. Now as dominates the B2B marketplaces with suppliers paying thousands of dollars for top position, provides a free platform that ranks suppliers based on their quality. It is a true merit based system where buyers can source products from the best quality suppliers, not just those that pay the most to advertise.

Product Delivery

Matter Design was engaged to execute the QualityTrade concept and build the world’s first merit based B2B marketplace. In order to rank search results based on quality, Matter worked with QualityTrade to develop a proprietary algorithm to process the extensive data for each supplier and generate a scoring system that allows buyers to focus their efforts on the higher quality suppliers.

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Website design
Website design

Custom Development

The platform required extensive custom built functionality to provide the services required by buyers and suppliers in the marketplace environment, and backend processes to enable to operations of the platform.

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