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Have you heard? Matter has a new partner

Published on: 10 May 2018

You may have seen the dark shape of the Matter Mobile sneaking around Ultimo recently. Or maybe you’ve seen our less covert photo on Instagram.     We’ve been spending a lot of time with our new partner in the past couple of months. We’re not going to lie, we think they’re pretty great. We […]

How Europe’s New GDPR Could Affect Your Website

Published on: 26 Apr 2018

The EU is taking privacy seriously, with the soon to be released GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into place on May 25th 2018. This has the potential to affect Australian businesses that offer goods and services in the EU, or that collect the personal data of individuals in the EU. The regulation comes into place […]

A Simple Recipe for a Good Blog

Published on: 13 Apr 2018

A decent blog is like following a recipe. You just need enough good quality ingredients and to follow the method and it should come out ready to serve. Here are the ingredients and method for a freshly baked blog.   Ingredients: A dash of creativity (to make it engaging and memorable) A relevant topic and […]

18 Things that Matter for Digital Marketing in 2018

Published on: 22 Feb 2018

  You should be getting into the swing of things by now this year, but if you haven’t yet, here are some tips to up your online presence. Here are 18 things that matter in digital marketing for 2018. Which can you start using today? 1. Document your objectives and target audience, and be specific. How […]

Website Coding 101: Full Stack Frameworks

Published on: 28 Jan 2018

Last in the series of our coding 101 blogs is on the almighty full stack web frameworks. These powerful tools can handle everything you need to build a complete website or web application; from scratch to deployment. It is sometime referred to as backend or server-side frameworks, as you can work in conjunction with a […]

A Beginners Guide to SSL Security – HTTP to HTTPS

Published on: 17 Jan 2018

This week on the blog we’re answering your questions about SSL – or in simpler terms http:// vs https://. You know, when you’re browsing a site on Chrome and a little exclamation mark pops up in your website address bar letting you know the site is not “Secure”? What SSL stands for is Secure Sockets […]

Your Email Marketing Questions Answered

Published on: 13 Nov 2017

Email newsletters have become such an integral part of the marketing strategy so we wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to discussing some of the options you, as a business, have to reach your audiences via email. Do you have an email strategy? Is it for customer retention? To up-sell or cross-sell? To convert prospects […]

Website Coding 101: Web Programming

Published on: 27 Oct 2017

Welcome to the second blog in our coding 101 series, helping to define the coding languages we use in web development. There are hundreds of unique programming languages out there, and more are being created every year. Each has characteristic strengths and weaknesses, versatility, accessibility and varying levels of scalability. The choice is ultimately based […]

Website Coding 101: Introduction

Published on: 13 Oct 2017

It’s time to get a bit technical and step into the world of coding with this guide to the language of web development. We’ve stripped down to the basics to bring you simple explanations of the language behind your website – that isn’t English. There are many programming languages out there, each with different functionalities, […]

WebKit: Apple and Google’s Lovechild Rendering Engine

Published on: 6 Oct 2017

Have you ever wondered if you could have rainbow coloured text on your website without resorting to an image? Well WebKit can make this magic happen – at least for Chrome and Safari. What is WebKit? WebKit is a web browser rendering engine that powers Chrome, Safari, and soon Opera as well. It is an […]